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The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray

Remarkable, dear donors!

Please note that unlike other tokens and coins that you have met so far, “Savior Coin” does not have a program to solve complex mathematical and computer equations, but rather reduces the biggest problem of humanity, which is poverty. By buying even one coin of this currency, you can help the treatment and survival of a patient, and you can also profit by increasing its price.
The team that made this coin intends to establish a charity with the capital obtained from the release of this coin and help people who have a certain disease and cannot afford to pay for treatment. We identify patients who need treatment outside their country and cannot afford to pay for the treatment, and we will help them from obtaining a visa to staying in the destination country and receiving treatment.

SAVIOR Contract (WITH 9 Decimals): 0x486805C0F109076a3A9205AcDc156AA9D26168E0

SAVIOR International Charity

SAVIOR International Charity, is a cryptocurrency relief organization dedicated to supporting with cancer patients in need of financial support poverty .
We are committed to supporting with the world’s most needy cancer patients regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.
The main activity of the International SAVIOR charity is financial assistance to cancer patients in need of financial support,
Also we provide humanitarian relief such as teach underprivileged individuals about sustainability and how to achieve it.
Our team goes to places where most organizations don’t go, such as underprivileged areas in the horn of Africa, to find cancer patients in need.

Project future plans

Creating an investment fund

In such a way that the holders stake their tokens and receive quarterly, six-monthly or yearly profits.

Donate to the charity fund

Buyers of this token can return the purchased tokens to the institution’s wallet, or burn them, if they wish to do so.

Expansion of the field of activity

If the project is supported and the charity is developed, we will survey more humanitarian works.

How to identify patients

Identification of sick people in need of financial support is done through the Twitter page ( and Telegram group of this token (, and after checking the team of the charity and making the necessary inquiries from the hospital and the doctor of the patient in question, financial aid is paid for the treatment of the patient. Step-by-step activity reports are shared on the official Twitter page. The payment system in this institution is based on crypto and blockchain. The main and native token is the SAVIOR institution, but other coins are also accepted as help, whose addresses are listed below.

SAVIOR:  0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5

BNB(BEP20):  0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5

BTC: 1MdVZSegxfxFJw6txLpHmQTsU4FHgtaoT3

ETH:  0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5

USDT(ERC20): 0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5

USDT(BEP20): 0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5

XRP(Ripple): r4Mgd42FxUZYJHBi6sinGRB7tEC4kRkYxw

The team creating this token does not want to reveal their identity, because they believe that helping others should be done in secret and not for everyone to see. Just know that the creator of this currency is a telecommunications engineer.

Tokenomics / Roadmap / Support

Token Supply

No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple.

The total number of this currency is 690,000,000 tokens, 25% of the tokens belong to the production team and the other 75% are for the establishment of the SAVIOR charity and the implementation of the project’s big goals, which is to help special patients in need around the world.


SAVIOR does not need Roadmap, progress is officially announced on Twitter and Telegram channels.

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