SAVIOR Global Cryptocurrency Charity

The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray


The team creating this token does not want to reveal their identity, because they believe that helping others should be done in secret and not for everyone to see. Just know that the creator of this currency is a telecommunications engineer.


SAVIOR Charity Foundation was established with the aim of identifying and helping cancer patients in need of financial support around the globe. This charity is supposed to provide its financial resources from the profit from the sale and turnover of Savior Coin and investments related to cryptocurrency. Representatives of this charity are supposed to be stationed on every continent full-time and at the expense of SAVIOR charity. Obviously, the cooperation of patients in need is welcomed.


SAVIOR is a charity organization that helps needy cancer patients, and payment in this institution is based on blockchain, and its main token is Savior Coin.

The main office of SAVIOR Institute is in Toronto, we have representatives in different places such as Germany, Switzerland and the cities of California and Ottawa who are ready to respond around the clock.

Identification of patient people in need is done through our representatives in different parts of the world as well as Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and other communication media of this token. After examining the expert team of the institute and making the necessary inquiries from the hospital and the doctor of the patient in question, financial assistance will be paid for the treatment of the said patient. Step-by-step reports of these activities are shared on the official website of SAVIOR Institute and other communication media. 

Yes, the wallet address of the institution is available on the site and all members of the community can transfer their donations to the specified addresses and inform the SAVIOR team. 

No, Savior Coin does not burn tokens, but benevolent people can freely transfer a part of their tokens to SAVIOR’s wallet address, which is announced on the site, and contributes to helping patients in need. 

Main Charity Wallets

  • SAVIOR (ERC20 & BEP20): 0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5
  • BNB(BEP20):  0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5
  • BTC: 1MdVZSegxfxFJw6txLpHmQTsU4FHgtaoT3
  • ETH:  0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5
  • USDT(ERC20): 0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5
  • USDT(BEP20): 0x7312a30E59870c6896376dE472476B84aAc62AD5
  • XRP(Ripple): r4Mgd42FxUZYJHBi6sinGRB7tEC4kRkYxw


to BUY or SELL savior coin, you can use these addresses ...

Project Future Plans

Creating an investment fund

In such a way that the holders stake their tokens and receive quarterly, six-monthly or yearly profits.

Donate to the charity fund

Buyers of this token can return the purchased tokens to the institution’s wallet, or burn them, if they wish to do so.

Expansion of the field of activity

If the project is supported and the charity is developed, we will survey more humanitarian works.




💜 Charity News

Token Supply

No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple.
The total supply of Savior Coin is 8,000,000,066 SAVIORs, 25% of the tokens belong to the production team and the other 75% are for the establishment of the SAVIOR charity and the implementation of the project’s big goals, which is to help special patients in need around the world

Charity 75%


All news will be announced on the main social media of SAVIOR.


Token ideation and creation

Basic website design

Start advertising on social media


Advertising development


Updating the website

Updating the whitepaper

International team development

OCT-2023 UP DEC-2023

Advertising development

Inviting great partners

Listing on NexDAX exchange

Foundations of charity

JAN-2024 Up End of 2024

Listing on NoahSwap exchange

Listing on big exchanges

Start of charity activity

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